District Policy
Acceptable Use Guidelines for All Users

Users should not become involved in any activity on the Internet which would violate the policies of the District. The following actions are prohibited:

Use of an account other than one’s own or misrepresentation of identity
Use, access, storage, or transmittal of inappropriate content*
Intentionally bypassing District filters, including the use of proxy sites
Use the District resources for political advocacy
Use of District resources to propagate chain letters or advertising
Use of District resources for commercial purposes, personal financial gain, or fraud
Plagiarism or representing the work of others as one’s own
Accessing, changing, destroying, or sharing computer files that do not belong to the user
Illegally transferring software or other copyrighted material
Damaging or modifying computers or networks
Intentional or neglectful transmission of viruses or other destructive computer files
Hacking into District or external computers

*(Examples of inappropriate content include offensive, profane, drug-related, sexually explicit, obscene language or visual depictions, as well as pornography)


Inappropriate use of the District’s technology resources, Web resources or District property and any other violation of District policies, guidelines or rules may result in suspension of technology privileges, report to criminal authorities, legal action, and discipline up to and including suspension and expulsion for students. Appeals may be made in accordance with appropriate Board policies, procedures, employee contracts and handbooks. The District will cooperate fully with local, state or federal officials in any investigation related to any illegal activities conducted through the District’s systems.