BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
What is BYOD?

(Bring Your Own Device)
Students are allowed to use
 their own computers, smartphones, or other devices for school related purposes in accordance to District Policy.

WAWM District Policy:

Non-District-Provided Technology (Bring Your Own Device –BYOD)
The District permits use of personal technology devices by students and staff in support of teaching and learning, managing resources, and connecting with stakeholders. Personal devices must meet minimum requirements for network access. Use of personal devices is permitted so long as it does not interfere with educational responsibilities and as long as the use does not hinder, disrupt or consume an unreasonable amount of network resources, violate state or federal law, or Board policies. Users may bring personal devices into the District to access the District network. Personal devices may
include laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, iPods/MP3 players, wireless devices, digital cameras, storage devices, or other electronics that may be carried on a person. The District is not liable for the loss, theft, damage, or misuse of any personal device including while on, to , or from District property or while attending school-sponsored activities. Students must have a signed acknowledgement by a parent/guardian on file with the school in order to use personal devices. Students are prohibited from possessing or bringing laser pointers onto school premises at all times. Users that make use of any personal technology must follow all rules and guidelines of this Policy and related policies, guidelines and rules. No cameras, video recorders, cell phones or other personal devices may be used in locker rooms or rest rooms.