School Profile

Longfellow Elementary School has a population of just over 300 students in grades K4-5 from diverse backgrounds. Using personalized learning and 21st century skill development as focal points, the regular school day features sustained reading blocks, writing integrated into all subject areas, and a strong focus on math.  Inquiry-based learning supports science and social studies learning standards.  Our music, art, SEL (social emotional learning) and physical education classes complement learning in the core subjects. Technology integration is used across subject areas.  All teachers teach the PBIS Expectations (Resepct Self-Respect Others-Respect Environment) and use the FISH Philosophy to build strong relationships. Students are actively engaged in service learning and relevant, rigorous learning opportunities every single day.  A researcher from the Medical College who spent over 50 hours working in our building told us, "If I had children, I would want them to go to this school." Longfellow School is truly a good place for children.